Security by Default — Full Management to the Endpoint

It takes constant management to keep your data, infrastructure, and reputation safe. Patching, monitoring, and hardening of infrastructure are 24/7 tasks, and threats are constantly evolving. Grypho5 offers comprehensive managed services packages that give you a high-performing, secure infrastructure that keeps you one step ahead of the cyberterrorists who are constantly probing your defenses.

Securitas Summa

Security above all else. It is our mantra, our ethos. We put security first in everything we do, so that your IT team can focus their institutional knowledge on the smooth operations of your business. Informed by the work of our sister company, FENIX24, we know the cyberterrorists’ playbooks and their evolving tactics. Grypho5’s market-leading security engineers put that knowledge to work, helping to keep your infrastructure safe and secure—above all else.

Every Cybersecurity Task Is Crucial to Your Business

As cybercriminals continue to mount attacks against organizations of all sizes and in every industry, you can’t afford to let patching and regular threat monitoring fall by the wayside. Protection is paramount to avoiding a brand-damaging, costly breach.

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Managed Protection for Continuous Peace of Mind.